• Gomez dismisses poll showing large Markey lead


    BOSTON (AP) - Republican Gabriel Gomez is dismissing a recent poll giving his Democratic opponent, Rep. Edward Markey, a double-digit lead and says he could work with Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren and President Barack Obama.

    In an interview on "Fox News Sunday," Gomez said the polls move "up and down all over the place."

    A UMass Lowell-Boston Herald poll last week found 56 percent of those responding favored Markey compared with 36 percent supporting Gomez. Seven percent were undecided.

    Gomez said he's asking Massachusetts voters to give him 17 months until the next election to work in a bipartisan way on various issues.

    He says he disagrees with fellow Republicans on gay marriage and expanded background checks on gun purchases, both of which he supports. Markey has criticized Gomez for opposing a federal assault weapons ban.

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