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Golden Retriever puppy 'Ray Charles' becomes Internet sensation


( – Have you heard of "Ray Charles," the Golden Retriever puppy? He's all over the Internet and even has his own Facebook page.

This little puppy is blind and his future was in question until the Fales family from Stoneham stepped in.

The puppy's owner, Andrew Fales, a big dog lover, said he received a text message from his neighbor saying Ray Charles was in need of a home because he was born blind. The puppy was in danger of being put down.

"Once we found that out, there was no way we could let that happen," said Fales.

Fales said there are some challenges with taking care of a blind dog. "You have to make sure the pathways are clear so he doesn't bump into things and make sure the doors are shut going down the stairs," he said.

Now, there's a big push to get Ray Charles to drop the puck at the next Bruins home game. Someone started a petition on his fan page. Watch Sorboni Banerjee's interview for more and click here to visit his Facebook page.