• Globe: Cab drivers bribe owners for better shifts


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) – A nine month investigation into taxi cabs in Boston by the Boston Globe has revealed that drivers often have to pay owners extra to drive on busy nights.

    According to the Globe, drivers must pass off extra cash to get assigned to a car for a 12-hour shift.

    "For reasons we don't really understand they choose to only focus their enforcement largely on the drivers who can get into a lot of trouble for something as small as not having washed their car that day," Boston Globe reporter Marcella Bombardieri told Fox 25. "Whereas their owners, who have literally gone to jail for corruption, are still controlling medallions."

    The study also revealed that cab drivers are often forced to pay for gas from the company's overpriced pumps for tanks they have already filled.

    The report was part of a three-part series. The other two parts will be in the Globe later this week.

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