Global Post releases threat sent to Foley's parents


BOSTON ( -- The Global Post released the threatening letter sent to the family of journalist James Foley the week before his execution.

The videotaped execution of Foley shows just how evil and barbaric the militant group known as the Islamic State of Iraq, or ISIS, really is. In the message ISIS reportedly sent to Foley's family days before his murder, the terrorist organization berates and threatens the U.S. and its citizens, writing, "We have left you alone since your disgraceful defeat in Iraq. We did not interfere in your country or attack your citizens while they were safe in their homes despite our capability to do so!"

The letter went on to say, "As for the scum of your society who are held prisoner by us, they dared to enter the lion's den and were eaten."

ISIS claims it was willing to trade Foley and other American hostages for ransom money, writing, "You were given many chances to negotiate the release of your people via cash transactions as other governments have accepted."

The U.S. Government has a long standing policy barring ransom payments to terrorists.

When Foley's parents spoke to reporters Wednesday, they revealed they were considering it on their own and said they were thinking of fundraising.

ISIS also claims it offered to swap prisoners, specifically the release of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, an MIT-trained neuroscientist currently locked up in Texas.

US forces captured Siddiqui in Afghanistan for helping Al-Qaida plan attacks on the US.

"We will not stop until we quench our thirst for your blood," the letter read.

ISIS claims the question now is, how will the U.S. respond?

The Islamic State, which is now holding three American hostages in Syria, has since threatened to kill one of them, freelance reporter Steven Sotloff, if the U.S. continues its bombing campaign in Iraq.

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