Gabriel Gomez's four children describe their father ahead of Senate election


COHASSET, Mass. ( -- FOX 25's Maria Stephanos got to know Republican candidate for Senate Gabriel Gomez and his family at their Cohasset home.

Gomez and his wife Sarah stood by as four people who know them better than anyone answered the questions. Their children, 13-year-old Olivia, 10-year-old Antonia, 8-year-old Max, and 12-year-old Zander talked about their father with Stephanos.

"Tell me about your dad's background," Stephanos said to the Gomez children. "What you guys know about it. Tell me just some bullet points about what he's done in his life."

"He went to Navy," Zander responded. "He was a SEAL."

"He got like, a million tennis trophies when he was young," said Antonia.

"A million tennis trophies. He was a state champion," Stephanos replied.

Max added that his dad was on the Navy's tennis team.

Zander shared what he knew of his father's educational background, saying his dad went to Harvard for business school.

Olivia explained what her parents did for living before they met.

"Uhh, she was in the Peace Corps, and he was in the Navy," Olivia said.

During the interview, 8-year-old Max brought out a coin his father gave him from his time in the Navy. Max said the coin means a lot to him because he wants to be a Navy SEAL like his father, while his older brother shared a funny fact about the family's patriarch.

"He snores louder than anyone I know," Zander said of his father.

Sarah also joined in on the conversation about her husband, saying she is very proud of him.

"I give him a hard time, you know at home, that's my job, but he's done a great job and he's just so full of energy and he just gets energized by this and he really wants to do this job and I think he'd be great at it," said Mrs. Gomez.

Stephanos then turned to the man himself, asking Gomez why he wants to be a senator. He said the answer was "really simple" and that he wants to serve. The businessman says he started his career serving his four children.

FOX 25 is working with Democratic Congressman Ed Markey's campaign to set up a date for an at-home interview with him.

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