• Fung Wah could be back on roadways, unclear when


    (MyFoxBoston.com/AP) – Fung Wah buses, which were deemed an "imminent safety hazard" after the company failed to properly maintain its fleet, could be back on roadways on a limited schedule between New York and Boston under a new agreement, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration officials told The Boston Herald.

    In a statement, a spokesperson for the FMCSA told FOX 25 that Fung Wah has been taking steps to meet all necessary requirements and have received a "conditional" safety rating; however, it is uncertain when the bus company will be able to once again transport passengers.

    Duane DeBruyne, also with the FMCSA, told the newspaper Fung Wah will have to "apply, just like any startup company would have to." Once they are in compliance, they will be issued a Dept. of Transportation number.

    Fung Wah was ordered to cease all operations by the U.S. Dept. of Transportation March 28. The company had previously been ordered out of service and its 28 buses were pulled off the road after investigators found various problems with the fleet.

    It then had its operating license revoked after investigators said the company stopped cooperating with federal safety inspectors and blocked access to safety records.

    MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo told The Boston Herald if Fung Wah meets all federal and state requirements and asks to operate out of South Station, the MBTA will consider the request.

    For more information: The Boston Herald

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