• Fundraiser planned for Boston’s Keytar bear after assault


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Keytar bear is a street performer in Boston who shows up all over social media regularly. But Wednesday, he was the victim of a broken nose, and now many are coming together to fundraise for him.

    He's become sort of a celebrity in Boston and is known for dressing up in his bear suit and rocking out on his keytar. But he's been missing in action the past few days after he says someone randomly attacked him when he was playing last week. He was punched so hard that it broke his nose.

    "This kid comes up to me like 'You were great can I take a selfie with you?' I didn't think nothing of it. He took the selfie then was like 'yeah' and he smashes my face through the mouth of the teddy bear mask," Keytar bear said.

    He says he thinks the same person threw a Snapple bottle at him and broke his keytar just a few weeks ago. He's been home licking his wounds ever since the latest attack, but now fans have stepped in to help the beloved bear.

    "I wanted to show him Boston is a safe place and that we all care about him," Abby Taylor said.

    Taylor couldn't bear to see her favorite furry street performer hurting, so she started a fundraiser for him.

    "I was just completely blown away anyone would ever hurt Keytar bear," she said.

    And apparently she wasn't alone, in just 24 hours fans donated $3700 and flooded his Facebook page with messages.

    Keytar bear says he's overwhelmed with all the love he's getting.

    "I can't hug everybody in real life, but I will hug all of them in my prayers," Keytar bear said.

    He's now hibernating for a few weeks as he heals up, but promises he'll be back out on the streets making music again soon.

    And there's a fundraiser for Keytar bear in Cambridge next Thursday where he says he'll be making an appearance. The venue got moved to the Middle East because the original venue booked for the fundraiser was too small for the number of people who are now planning on attending. He plans to use the money raised to help pay his bills.

    Boston Police said that since no one has yet filed a police report regarding the alleged assault, they are not currently investigating the incident.

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