• FULL TEXT: Middlesex DA Gerry Leone's remarks to staff


    Lately I have been asked by several people in our office, and several people outside the office, about my personal plans for the immediate future.
    To be open together, to lend clarity around that inquiry, and to minimize disruption to our Office, I wanted to tell you all tonight together in person about my intentions.

    For the last 30 years, the last 3 Middlesex District Attorneys have not run for reelection to a 3rd term as Middlesex District Attorney.  Like my predecessors, I too will not run for reelection to a third term as Middlesex District Attorney in 2014.

    However, unlike my predecessor Middlesex District Attorneys, I am not running for another elective office, and in fact, I intend to leave Government service when I leave this office.  I do not now know what I will do when I leave.  But, I do know that anyone who is interested in competing to succeed me needs time to compete.  I want that field of potential successors to be as rich and deep as the job deserves.  And, therefore, I am expressing my intentions publicly now.

    I said what I meant, and meant what I said, when I stated that this job was the only elected office that I wanted.  I endured the electoral process to hold what I continue to believe is the absolute best job in Government and Public Service in Massachusetts.  Helping and serving people, and speaking for people who have no voice, remains a passion of mine.

    Although this decision means change, it should not mean angst or concern.  I say this especially for those who have not been here long enough to have seen a change in District Attorney.  The Middlesex District Attorney's Office is not about me or any one District Attorney.  It is about you and us, collectively, as an Office.  I made that point when I returned as the elected District Attorney, and will continue to repeat that theme during my time here.

    This Middlesex District Attorney's Office is about the collective whole of all of us, made up of outstanding individuals who protect and serve the public with commitment, dedication and passion.  It is an outstanding legacy that we all share in, and it does not depend upon, nor evolve around, any one person.

    Just continue to do your jobs as well as you are now, and let's continue to work together on behalf of others.

    Lastly, please know that these decisions regarding whether to run for elected office are very personal.  These decisions are, and should be, predicated upon what is best for the person and their family.  What is best for me and my family is that I not seek another term.  As someone who is much smarter than I am once said, "I must be willing to give up what I am, in order to become what I will be."  Other than a husband and father, I am not yet sure what that will be when I am no longer a District Attorney.

    I remain thoroughly engaged and enjoying this terrific job which I love, and will continue to do so until the day that I leave.
    See you at work tomorrow, bright and early.
    Thank you.

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