• Fujita trial: Lead trooper describes discovery of victim's body, weapon


    (MyFoxBoston.com) – Thus far, the trial of Nathan Fujita, a then high school senior accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend after she broke up with him, has been emotional to say the least.

    On Monday, the Massachusetts State Police Trooper who led the investigation went into detail regarding the condition of Lauren Astley's body, as well as the discovery of one of the murder weapons.

    Fujita reportedly killed Astley in a fit of jealous rage on over the Fourth of July weekend in 2011. Astley dated Fujita through most of high school, only to break up with him their senior year just before graduation from Wayland High School.

    Prosecutors alleged Fujita lured Astley to his home on July 3, beat her, strangled her with a bungee cord, and then sliced her throat before dumping her body in a Wayland marsh.

    "I saw a body in the water. And I saw a shoe floating near the body," State Police Trooper Anthony DeLucia said.

    DeLucia described how Astley's body was carried to shore, her dress covering her neck, her chin, and part of her upper body. When DeLucia pulled her dress down to cover her body, he found a black bungee cord tangled in her hair.

    Fujita's lawyer is not arguing guilt or innocence. Instead, he is trying to make the case that his client was too upset about the breakup to control himself – an insanity defense.

    Earlier in the day, one of Astley's best friends described an encounter between Fujita and Astley and said it appeared Astley was frustrated.

    About a week after that graduation party, Fujita and Astley attended another party and Astley's friend said that there was no incident between the two that she was aware of.

    Fujita is charged with first-degree murder and three counts of assault and battery. If convicted, he faces life in prison.

    Testimony resumes on Tuesday.


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