• Friday forecast: another cool day for southern New England


    by FOX 25 Chief Meteorologist Kevin Lemanowicz:


    Update at noon: latest model run of GFS is in and brings the storm a little closer by Wednesday morning. It would mean some wind and rain for eastern MA. This is far from certain, but reminds us that we'd better watch this one just in case. Sarah will update later today. Have a great weekend. -Kevin

    7 a.m. update: Clouds continue to rule the sky in southern New England, though they vary in thickness. The marine layer remains south of Boston and it will be another cloudy or, at least, mostly cloudy day. Thinner clouds from Boston to the north and west will allow for some sun. That will warm temperatures into the 40s. Still below normal, but better than the 20s and 30s we are starting with in those areas. High pressure is building in from the west, bringing dry air with it. Skies will clear Friday night, which will be great for seeing the Leonid meteors in the early morning hours.

    Sunshine will be plentiful all across our region this weekend with highs near 50 both day. Kickoff at Gillette Sunday will be in the 40s with clear skies over Foxboro and light winds. That nice weather will continue into next week for Thanksgiving travelers.

    Computer models continue to spin up an ocean storm by early next week, but it looks like it will be too far out to be a player. The strong winds around the storm could send some big waves toward our coast, but not impact travelers on the east coast. Those storms can't be ruled out totally until we actually see them form and make a move, but chances are growing slimmer that we'll have to worry about the storm.



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