• Freezing Rain Advisory gives way to warmer weather



    More precipitation will move in through Tuesday night and into the early morning ahead of a warm front. It will fall as rain since the upper layers of our atmosphere are warmed.

    However, ground temperatures outside of 128 are at or below freezing in many towns which means the rain will freeze on contact with untreated surfaces.

    The warm layer will eventually work down to the ground in southern New England, but some icing is likely. Heavier icing is likely the farther north in New England you go. A FREEZING RAIN ADVISORY is in place for that.

    The warm air will ooze in Wednesday. Winds will pick up later in the day, cranking temperatures into the 50s at night. Strong southerly winds will bring the warmth.

    A HIGH WIND WATCH is in place for Wednesday night into Thursday morning. There could be some damaging gusts. Heavy rain will accompany the warm air and wind along the cold front that will be coming through. The cold front is through Thursday morning and temperatures will not be as warm.

    The cold takes over again before the weekend, with some flurries and light snow possible Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday.

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