• Franklin high teacher under investigation for 'serious allegation of misconduct'


    FRANKLIN, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) – A teacher at Franklin High School is reportedly under investigation for "serious allegations of alleged misconduct."

    Franklin's Superintendent Maureen Sabolinski told FOX 25 the allegations involve a high school teacher, and they came out after a staff member saw something on Twitter. She also said students were texting about the allegation.

    "It's a pity and we've all felt very sick and devastated. It's a breach of trust. Parents send their children to us and, if an adult makes a bad choice or blurs the lines, it impacts us all as educators," Superintendent Sabolinski said.

    The school issued a statement to parents addressing the allegations, but withheld the teacher's name. The statement says both police and the Department of Children and Families are looking into the alleged misconduct.

    Parents and students told FOX 25 the teacher is a man, and he is accused of sexual misconduct with some students.

    Students in Franklin headed back to school Tuesday, and Monday was the first day for Franklin faculty.

    Superintendent Sabolinski said faculty were notified Monday and the school system has employed a crisis counselor, who has worked on very serious cases - including the Newtown, Conn. school shooting and the Boston Marathon bombings , to work with faculty.

    However, the superintendent says the issue will not be addressed with students Tuesday. The superintendent also declined to confirm the name of the teacher involved and what he or she teaches.

    Parents in Franklin are shocked at the allegations and said they couldn't come at a worse time.

    "They're going back to school tomorrow. And then we find out about this. I can't wait to see it. I'm devastated. Why? I have to talk to my son because you never know – something could have happened," Patrick Collins, a concerned parent, said.

    The teacher in question is now on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. In addition to the police investigation, the schools have deployed their attorney to investigate the matter.

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