• Framingham dry cleaning business robbed two nights in a row


    FRAMINGHAM, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Two men robbed a dry cleaner and laundromat Thursday, and one of  the suspects brandished a knife towards a clerk there.

    The man with the knife forced the clerk onto the floor while the other emptied the cash register. They then searched the business for more cash, and ultimately made off with $800 from the Fluff n' Fold on Waverly Street in Framingham, a family-owned business.

    "He was nervous he was gonna get stabbed," said Stamati Kritikls, owner of the Fluff n' Fold, of the clerk.

    The man who tried to stab the clerk and the other suspect left through the back of the building.

    But the story doesn't end there. The same two men, Kritikls said, came back the next night.

    Early Saturday morning, the pair broke in, throwing a brick through the glass, which made a hole that they were able to reach into, twisting and unlocking the door.

    Surveillance video inside the cleaners caught both suspects, who are described as black men in their late teens or early twenties. Anyone who has information about the robbery is asked to call Framingham police detectives at 508-532-5924.


    Surveillance video shows two young men walk into the Fluff n' Fold Cleaners  in Framingham late Thursday night.... but they weren't looking for their laundry....

    "They asked him to empty out the drawer..."

    They robbed this family owned business...
    One of the men pulling out a knife.. forcing the clerk to the floor while the other grabbed cash from the register...

    But it didn't end there.... the pair wanted more money... pointing the knife at the clerk... then getting into a scuffle as you can see...

    ".. He was nervous he was gonna get stabbed. So he was holding his holding the guys hand as far away as possible."

    The two then went looking for more cash.. and then took off on foot....
    Rut this story doesn't end there....
    The next night.... it happened again... early Saturday morning

    "It's just unusual it happened two  nights in a row."

    This time the pair broke in...

    "Threw a brick thru the glass.. and were able to reach in and undo the lock"

    Here's a close up of one of the suspects... Police say take a good look... if you recognize him or his partner in crime.... they want to hear from you....

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