• Fox Undercover investigates close calls at Logan


    BOSTON (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) - A close call at Logan Airport last Thursday is once again shining a spotlight on what the FAA describes as runway incursions.

    In this latest incident, which remains under investigation by the FAA, a Delta plane had to abort its landing because another aircraft that was about to take off, taxied onto the runway where the Delta plane was supposed to land.

    FOX Undercover has been examining this issue for years. Earlier this year, FOX Undercover revealed that there have been 34 runway incursions at Logan Airport from 2009 until February 2012.

    The most serious close call at Logan happened in 2005, when two planes almost collided while taking off. That was also the year that Logan led the country in the number of runway incursions with 15 close calls that year.

    Last year, Logan had nine runway incursions.


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