• FOX Undercover following two important criminal cases


    UNDERCOVER - FOX Undercover is following two criminal trials taking place on Wednesday.

    On Wednesday morning, lawyers will make opening statements in the trial of purported Mafia captain Mark Rossetti who was also an FBI informant.

    Rossetti is going to trial in Suffolk Superior Court, but there won't be any mention of his alleged Mafia connection or that investigators believe he's killed numerous people.

    A judge is not allowing it.  Instead in this case, Rossetti is charged with breaking and entering.

    Rossetti will face another trial on charges, including extortion and drug trafficking.
    FOX Undercover is also following the money laundering trail of high profile defense attorney Bob George at Federal Court in Boston.

    Jurors had the day off on Tuesday, but the trial is scheduled to resume Wednesday morning.

    George is accused of helping a former client launder $200,000 in drug money and getting a $20,000 cut in return.

    A video played for the jury Monday showed attorney George speaking to the businessman who allegedly laundered the money.  It is part of the evidence against the defense attorney that prosecutors say is overwhelming.

    The defense says George's former client had it out for him and worked with the feds to set him up.

    The jury is expected to get the case by the end of the week.

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