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FOX News report: Secret Service accused of partying hard in the Vineyard


An exclusive report claims President Barack Obama's Secret Service detail earned an "Animal House" reputation during the first family's visit to Massachusetts for summer vacation.

Martha's Vineyard has long been a vacation spot for U.S. presidents, including President Barack Obama and his family.

Months after a damaging scandal in Colombia involving Secret Service agents and prostitutes, a new report suggests Secret Service indiscretions began long before that incident. spoke with Vineyard residents who claim in the summer of 2011, the agents treated the first family's vacation as their own, partying at local bars and even reportedly trashing rental homes.

"Glen Caldwell, the general manager of Offshore Ale in Oak Bluffs, told about an incident last summer when one of his staff found a Secret Service badge on the floor after the bar had closed at the end of the night. The commission book also included a list of emergency phone numbers -- two 1-800 Secret Service numbers, a Department of Homeland Security ID card," reads the report.

Local law enforcement officials told FOX that the allegations against the Secret Service are, "not news."

The Secret Service released a statement to FOX 25 following the accusations.

"The Secret Service has not received any complaints or information regarding alleged misconduct of its personnel operating in Martha's Vineyard during the summer of 2011. Any information brought to our attention that can be assessed as credible will be followed up on in an appropriate manner."