• FOX News: Pres. Obama learned about IRS scandal via media


    FOX News - WASHINGTON – White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer told "Fox News Sunday" that President Obama learned about the Internal Revenue Service targeting Tea Party groups applying for tax-exempt status only after it had come out in the media.

    Fox News' Chris Wallace pressed Pfeiffer on the issue and wanted to know why the Obama administration seemed to only find out about the scandal after the story broke in the media.

    "No president would get involved in an independent IRS investigation," Pfeiffer said. "It would be wholly inappropriate."

    Last week, the nation's tax agency admitted to inappropriately scrutinizing smaller Tea Party organizations that applied for tax-exempt status.

    Wallace asked if Sarah Ingram, the IRS commissioner who once oversaw the division that processes tax-exempt applications and now tapped to oversee the new tax laws in ObamaCare, would be pulled from the spot given the recent scandal.

    "There will be a 30-day review and everybody who did anything wrong will be held accountable," Pfeiffer said, adding that Ingram was never named in the inspector general's report on the scandal.

    Wallace also asked Pfeiffer about the series of other scandals that recently hit the Obama administration, including issues surrounding the Sept. 11, 2012, deadly terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya, and allegations that the government secretly mined two months' worth of phone records from The Associated Press.

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