• FOX 25's Bob Ward profiles four wanted fugitives


    FOX 25's Bob Ward profiled four fugitives on Thursday that the Mass. State Police need your help in tracking down.

    Dr. Richard Haugh

    Dr. Haugh

    Wanted by the Belmont Police Department

    Warrant #: 9281CR000082

    Dr. Richard S. Haugh is an accomplished author, publisher and academic. He is accused of committing numerous sexual offenses against a female child.

    Haugh was arrested in 1992 as he left his residence armed with a licensed .25 caliber handgun. He was charged and later indicted by a Middlesex Superior Court Grand Jury for two counts of Rape of a Child, two counts of Indecent A&B on a child under 14, assault to rape a child and disseminating obscene matter to a minor. Dr. Haugh did not appear for his August 12, 1992 trial and has been on the run ever since.

    For more: http://www.mass.gov/eopss/docs/msp/wanted/active-haugh-richard-stanley-wanted-poster.pdf

    Gary Coulanges


    Wanted by the Revere Police Department

    Warrant number 1214CR000150

    Investigators say Gary Coulanges vowed to seek revenge after he was fired from his job at a local night club. They allege that on Jan. 21, 2012 he and an accomplice targeted a specific employee.

     Coulanges and the accomplice were reportedly heavily armed they spotted the employee driving in a car with another person. The pair is accused of slamming their pickup truck into the front of the employee's car.

    Coulanges is accused of approaching the disabled car and brutally beating both occupants with the butt of a rifle. Police say Coulanges then abducted the employee.

    After leaving the scene, Coulanges reportedly attempted to put a bag over the employee's head and began beating their head. Fearing his assailant was going to kill him, the victim jumped out of the moving car and escaped on foot.

    Police say Coulanges is known to carry firearms and is considered armed and dangerous.

    For more: http://www.mass.gov/eopss/docs/msp/wanted/active-coulanges-gary-wanted-poster.pdf

    Leopoldo Espinal


    Wanted by the Worcester Police Department

    Warrant number 1262CR005379

    Leopoldo Espinal is accused of gaining the trust of two young females before raping them.

    Investigators say Espinal's first alleged victim stepped forward in 2009 and a second one stepped forward in 2011.

    Espinal is wanted on four counts of rape of a child with force, one count of rape of a child-statutory, and three counts of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14.

    For more:  http://www.mass.gov/eopss/docs/msp/wanted/active-espinal-leopoldo-wanted-poster-.pdf

    John Nsiah

    Seven Day Forecast

    Wanted by the Worcester Police Department

    John Nsiah is wanted on multiple counts of rape and sexual assault.

    Nsiah is accused of sexually abusing his victim over the course of several years. Investigators allege that Nsiah used cash and threats of violence in exchange for her silence.

    Once the victim stepped forward, police charged Nsiah with five counts of rape, indecent assault and battery on a child under 14, and indecent assault and battery on a child over 14.

    While on the run, police say Nsiah violated conditions of a restraining order. He was charged with witness intimidation and violation of an abuse prevention order as a result.

    Police say Nsiah is reportedly a heavy drinker with violent tendencies.

    For more: http://www.mass.gov/eopss/docs/msp/wanted/active-nsiah-john-wanted-poster.pdf


    If you have any information regarding any of these cases, contact the Massachusetts State Police Violent Fugitive Apprehension Section at 1-800-KAPTURE (1-800-527-8873).

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