• FOX 25 obtains chilling audio from Jared Remy's domestic abuse hearing


    WALTHAM, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- FOX 25 has obtained chilling audio from Jared Remy's domestic abuse arraignment that took place just hours after he allegedly attacked his longtime girlfriend, Jennifer Martel.

    The audio raises questions as to whether the assistant district attorney, or even the judge, did enough to protect Martel, who was murdered just a day after Remy's arraignment. Remy has been charged with murder for his alleged connection to her stabbing death.

    Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan has been criticized for how she handled the case. Her office defended its decision to not have Remy held after the alleged assault, saying Martel chose not to pursue the restraining order against him that she had initially requested.

    The judge and assistant district attorney speaking in the audio recordings made it appear unclear on the day of Remy's arraignment if Martel planned to show up to pursue the order.

    "Any information from the reported victim?" asked the judge.

    "Nothing definite, judge," replied the assistant district attorney.

    "Here's why I'm asking, it was an emergency order overnight, and I have the paperwork as if the person might be here, but you have no information if the person is here?" inquired the judge after the ADA's response.

    "Correct," the ADA confirmed.

    "Or coming by any message?" said the judge.

    "The information I have is that she's not here, about whether she's coming later today, I don't know," responded the ADA.

    "I understand, but at least she's not here now, so there's no reason for me to hold this situation and address it?" asked the judge.

    "That is correct," replied the ADA.

    The judge decided not to address the restraining order since Martel was not in court. Remy was let go on personal recognizance, even though Martel's restraining order against him did not expire until 4 p.m. that afternoon. The hearing took place in the morning.

    The judge did give Remy a pretty stern warning before letting him go.

    "If you violate any term or condition of your release after hearing, you could be held without bail. A special condition of your release is there's to be no abuse of Jennifer Martel," the judge reminded Remy.

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