• Grand jury investigating disabled man’s injuries


    FOX UNDERCOVER (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A Middlesex County grand jury is investigating how a disabled man living in a group home in Bedford came to be bruised and paralyzed, FOX Undercover has learned.

    The man's family, members of whom have testified, believes he was assaulted, which the group home denies.

    Paul Stanizzi, who lived at the home run by the Edinburgh Center, has regained some movement of his arms and legs since the incident this past August. But he has never been able to talk, so can't say what happened.

    An MRI found damage to vertebrae around his neck, caused by "possible recent injury", his medical records show.

    FOX Undercover's Mike Beaudet interviewed his family earlier this year.

    "When you heard about his vertebrae, that only fueled your suspicion?" he asked Paul's brother Joe.

    "Absolutely. I was furious, absolutely furious," he replied.

    "What do you think happened?" Beaudet asked him.

    "To me, my brother said it best, he looked like he was in a (mixed martial arts) fight or he was dropped off a cliff or something. He was just shattered," Joe Stanizzi replied.

    Paul's mother Ruth said she wants authorities to know that, even though Paul can't speak for himself, "he has a loving and caring family and friends that will speak for him."

    "He could run, he could run and he could walk, he could feed himself and he laughed and he loves everybody and he gives hugs and kisses and he understands but he just can't speak," she said. "Paul counts for something and they need to get going and hold somebody accountable because he's important to us and we love him very much."

    The Edingburg Center, which runs the group home, declined to comment, as did the Middlesex District Attorney's office.

    FOX Undercover has learned the worker who was at the group home that night has been terminated.


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