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    Part of the passion behind being sports fans is throwing your opinion out there for debate. That's why we want to get you involved. Rather than regurgitating the headlines -- that you can easily read in 140 characters or less on Twitter, or any other website for that matter.

    My name is Chad Amaral. I'm the sports producer at Fox 25. Brendan Fitzgerald and I debate all day along about everything in the sports world. We thought we'd invite you to join us. Whether you agree with us or not is up to you.

    Here's this week's Fox 25 Sports Face-Off.

    Follow the leader?

    The Celtics anointed Rajon Rondo the leader of the team, and with each passing week he proves that he's not leader material. Fitzy says trade him, I say keep him. Just because he's the point guard doesn't mean he has to be the leader. Kevin Garnett/Paul Pierce are the true leaders, and who knows maybe Avery Bradley can become one. But trading Rondo isn't the answer, he's still one of the best point guards in the league, and on a team filled with shooters he's a perfect fit.

    Extra bye week?

    Fitzy has been ranting all week how Patriots fans could be overlooking the Texans. An impressive victory on Monday night doesn't insure postseason success, ask the 2010 Patriots. But I still have to disagree with him, the Patriots will win easily on Sunday. The thing about the 2010 Jets is sure they lost to the Patriots on Monday night but they also beat them earlier in the season. The Texans are a flawed team with a mediocre quarterback and a worn down secondary and the Patriots will exploit both this weekend.

    Hall of Shame?

    Heated discussion all week here at Fox. From Bob Ward (News), to Kevin Lemanowicz (Weather), everyone has an opinion. Personally I feel like Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds should have been allowed in. You either shut down the Hall of Fame for the next 10 years or you allow the best players who never failed drug tests to get in. It shouldn't be an eye test, it's not fair to say Bagwell or Piazza were juicing just because they were power hitters. Fitzy and I actually agree on something 1 out of 3 isn't bad.

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