• Former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown: "I could beat Ed Markey, absolutely"


    (MyFoxBoston.com) – Former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown has been keeping a low profile so far in the special election. With some polls showing Republican Gabriel Gomez within single digits of Democrat Ed Markey, we wondered why he's been so low key.

    Fox 25's political reporter Sharman Sacchetti talked to him about that, and also, if he thought he could beat Markey.

    With just one week left in the special election race for U.S. Senate, former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown is the one Republican we haven't seen campaigning publicly alongside Gabriel Gomez. Both he and the Gomez campaign told FOX 25 he has been very helpful behind the scenes.

    Brown told FOX 25 he's "certainly happy to help," adding they "have their own strategy and their own media team."

    Brown says he has obligations as a Fox News contributor and with his new employer, Nixon Peabody. The Gomez campaign told FOX 25 Brown has been helpful behind the scenes, and to stay tuned.

    Gomez is also choosing to run a controversial ad during the final week. It pokes fun at the way the Markey campaign has tried to discredit him.

    So far, polls have shown Markey with a solid lead over Gomez. Fox 25's Sharman Sacchetti asked Brown if he thought he could beat Markey in a special election. "Yeah, I do," he said.

    When asked about a general election, Brown again said "yeah, I do. I could beat Ed Markey, absolutely."

    Brown says he's happy in the private sector, but he's not ruling out another run.  He also says he has already voted for Gomez, adding "anybody but Markey."

    When we asked if he'd consider a run in New Hampshire, where he owns a home, Brown again said nothing is off the table.

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