• Former congressman says he has no interest in Sen. Kerry's job


    BOSTON (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) FOX 25's Sharman Sacchetti sat down with a former congressman on Friday whose name has been part of speculation about a potential replacement for Senator John Kerry should Kerry get a cabinet post.

    Marty Meehan is the Chancellor of UMass Lowell, but some say he could become a possible candidate for U.S. Senate. Talk about his potential candidacy ramped up after he met with Senator Kerry in Washington earlier this week.

    Meehan says a possible senate race never came up and that he was in Washington to talk with Sen. Kerry about UMass Lowell.

    "We're growing our research portfolio," says Meehan. "We're going to be announcing next week a new campus initiative in Kuwait."

    Meehan says he isn't exploring a run and that he is happy running UMass Lowell. He says the school is headed in an upward trajectory.

    "We're building new buildings, our enrollment is growing, our average SAT scores are up, so I'm really engaged in what we're doing at UMass Lowell and frankly I love it, and I have to tell you I look and see what's happening in Washington and sometimes it appears at least to me to be dysfunctional," says Meehan.

    Sacchetti asked Meehan who he sees as a possible candidate for the seat.

    "I'd start with Ed Markey, the Dean of the Delegation. He has demonstrated his ability to work national issues," says Meehan.

    He also says he thinks Mike Capuano and Martha Coakley would be strong candidates.

    On the Republican side, Meehan only gave one name.

    "If Scott Brown runs for special election he's going to be a very strong candidate. I thought his concession speech was outstanding," says Meehan.

    He says that since there isn't much time to campaign for a special election, you need a candidate with name recognition. He says Scott Brown has that.

    "Given his popularity in Mass., given the type of campaign he ran, given how gracious he's been, how bipartisan he is, I think he could be a candidate for any office in Massachusetts and he'd start as a very strong candidate," says Meehan.

    Meehan served in Congress from 1993 to 2007 and still has a pile of cash in his campaign account. Sacchetti asked him if he plans to run in the future and he said he wouldn't rule anything out in the future, but that he loves what he is doing and feels as though he is making a difference.

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