• Forbes: Boston Red Sox are the third most valuable team in baseball


    (MyFoxBoston.com) – Great baseball players typically come at a high price, but who tops the charts in terms of Major League Baseball's richest team?

    If you guessed the New York Yankees, you guessed correct.

    At $2.3 billion, the Yankees are the most valuable baseball team for the 16th consecutive year, also making the Bronx Bombers the most valuable U.S. sports team, reports Forbes.

    Boston Red Sox fans take pride in the fact that their roster is less expensive than their biggest rival; however, the Sox lineup and overall net worth is nothing to scoff at, landing them in third just behind the Los Angeles Dodgers who are worth $1.6 billion.

    According to Forbes, the Chicago Cubs, worth $1 billion, and Philadelphia Phillies, valued at $893 million, are also in the top five.

    With two World Series under their belts, the San Francisco Giants are also a top contender valued at $786 million.

    The Oakland Athletics rose more than any other team to $468 million.

    **All information contained in the photo gallery comes from Forbes.

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