• Following RNC, #eastwooding blows up Internet


    First, there was planking. Then there was owling and Tewbowing. Now, thanks to the Republican National Convention, there's Eastwooding.

    Following Clint Eastwood's appearance at the RNC on Thursday wherein the iconic actor improv'd a conversation with an imaginary Barack Obama in an empty chair, the hashtag #eastwooding took off.

    The photos come in two different varieties. The first: someone takes a point-of-view photo of their hand pointing at an empty chair. The second involves someone taking a photo of someone pointing at an empty chair. Kittens, babies and offices full of people are sometimes involved.

    There were more than 2,100 Eastwooding photos on the photo-sharing site Instagram Friday evening. Tens of thousands of Eastwooding tags showed up on Twitter as well. A Twitter account @invisibleobama cropped up to further the gag.

    The meme reportedly has actually gone to RL (real-life) with reports of some Twitter users going into a restaurant with a party of people and asking for a table with one extra seat they leave empty...for an invisible president.



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