• Fleet of cars rented by Aaron Hernandez raises questions


    (MyFoxBoston.com) – Over the last two weeks, Aaron Hernandez has been publicly connected to a lot of vehicles, at least seven.

    The random assortment of cars has raised a lot of questions.

    By now, just about everyone has seen images of Hernandez driving his $60,000 Audi SUV. He keeps it in the garage at his North Attleboro home.

    While it's not surprising for a professional athlete worth millions to own a few additional cars, it is peculiar to have an entire fleet ranging from a Nissan Altima to a Chevy Suburban.

    Prosecutors say they found keys to a vehicle rented in Hernandez's name on the body of murder victim Odin Lloyd.

    At least some of the cars were rented from Enterprise. The rental agency has a branch in North Attleboro just 2.2 miles from Hernandez's home.

    No one at that location would say if they had ever had any dealings with the former Patriots player or just how many cars have been rented in his name.

    In an email, an Enterprise spokeswoman told FOX 25 that the company has and will continue to cooperate with authorities.

    Hernandez has been charged with one murder and is under investigation for having possible ties to a double homicide last year in Boston.

    As investigators work to learn more about his possible double life, private investigator Tom Shamshak says detectives will likely take a hard looks at the rentals and the associates of Hernandez that have been driving them.

    "There is a history, a documented history of auto rentals trafficking narcotics," Shamshak said.

    Ernest Wallace, 41, who has been charged in connection with Lloyd's murder, reportedly drove a vehicle police say was rented by Hernandez. Wallace has a lengthy criminal record, including drug convictions.

    The big question remains if Hernandez or his associates were using the rentals for illegal activity, why would such a public figure use his own name?

    Police also recently towed a black Hummer with expired temporary plates from a condo they say Hernandez had been renting in Franklin.

    While questions remain, it is clear authorities are not finished with Hernandez.

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