• Fitz on FOX 25: The biggest win for fans is an entertaining season


    This season, I'm rooting for drama.

    Ok, I'm obviously rooting for the Red Sox. A trip back to the playoffs would be great. No reason to think they can't repeat either, except that so much went right last year, you have to believe the breaks will go elsewhere this time around.

    But isn't it fun when things go off the tracks a little bit? Full disclosure, when things go perfectly right, it's tougher to cover a team. Take the present day Bruins for instance. My sportscast may go something like, "Yay… they won again. We'll see you in the playoffs" (I'm paraphrasing).

    It can't be as good as last year with the Red Sox, can it? They can't stumble into a bulletproof closer, right? They can't hit on another batch of veterans with question marks, right? Can they keep every gripe in the clubhouse and seem like a happy band of boy scouts again?

    I love that they love to play together. In my opinion, the chemistry thing counts for a lot, even in baseball. But what do I really want to see? I want to see them lose for a week and see how they fight their way out. I want to see someone unhappy, and see how they fix it. I want a proven player to stumble a bit. I want someone coming off the bench to find lightning in a bottle. I want to shake things up in that fairytale of a clubhouse.

    Talk shows will get more calls, you'll have more opinion, and it won't just be a long joyride down a rainbow slide to October. That's why we really watch sports, isn't it? It's about more than the championships for us. It's about being entertained along the way. It's about dealing with adversity but finding a way to win the prize at the end. And if the Red Sox battle hard, hit some bumps, fight to the end but come up short? Well, something tells me we'll still have enjoyed the season and applaud their efforts.  Or, we could have another booze in the clubhouse fiasco.  You never know.

    Just as in life, you don't just enjoy achieving the goal. The journey to get there is what counts.

    Happy Opening Day, and here's to enjoying this year's Red Sox journey, however it ends.

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