• Fitz on FOX 25: Merry Christmas, Boston Teams


              It's the most wonderful time of the year, unless you hate bad weather, endless Christmas songs for six weeks and traffic jams in mall parking lots.  But let's look at the good the season brings.

              We have a world champion baseball team, and our three teams in season are all at or near first place.  That's a reason to be joyful as a sports fan.

              Giving gifts is the best part of Christmas, so the time has come for the obligatory giving of gifts to our Boston teams.

              I'll start with the Patriots.  The easy answer?  A healthy Rob Gronkowski of course, but since Christmas miracles don't extend to healing miracles of NFL knee injuries, we have to keep shopping.
              A healthy Tom Brady is all the Patriots truly need, but they already have that.  So I'm stuffing a healthy dose of doubt from media experts in the Patriots stockings.
              Think about it: the chip on the Patriots shoulder could be the most dangerous thing to the rest of the NFL.  Seemingly every expert just picked Baltimore.  The Pats played their best game of the season.
              The Patriots are most flawed when they look flawless, like in their two recent Super Bowls.  They are best when they rally in the face of adversity.  Let's hope it continues.

              When it comes to the Bruins, I'm going broader on a gift.  This is for the entire NHL.
              How about some respect among players?
              Hockey is big in Boston, but niche in a lot of other cities.  One of the reasons why is the headlines hockey has continued to make despite efforts to help player safety.  James Neal knees the head of Brad Marchand, Shawn Thornton blatantly attacks Brooks Orpik.  That happened in one period of one game.  Headlines daily are about hearings, suspensions and hits to the head.
              I'm not even an anti-fighting guy, but I say this to NHL players:
              Stop trying to take each other out and play nice.  It'll be better for everyone, most importantly you, the players.

              The Celtics are what they are.  I can't give them anything that will change them from being a middle of the pack Eastern Conference NBA team.
              Best gift for the Celts would be for the Kevin Garnett/Paul Pierce/Jason Kidd as coach fiasco in Brooklyn to continue.  The traded draft picks become more valuable, the re-build going faster so that first place in the Atlantic Division might actually mean something in the next few years.

              And what do you get the team with everything?
              The Red Sox are World Series champs.  Every single thing went right for them this year.
              Ben Cherington and John Farrell have earned to not be second guessed, at least for the next year.  So for the Sox, razors.  Because while the beard thing was a fun way to rally and give fans a chance to get involved with the team, I really hope we don't have to look at lumberjacks for 162 games in 2014.

              That wraps up the gift giving to our teams.  For the FOX 25 sports crew... A merry Christmas and happy holiday season to you as well.

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