• Fitchburg mother and child taken to the hospital after dog attack


    FITCHBURG (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) A mother and a child were rushed to the hospital on Friday after being attacked by a dog.

    A source tells FOX 25 the incident, which involved a mother and her friend's child, happened on High Street in Fitchburg. They say a black and white pit bull jumped on the child and scratched him. When the mother went to remove the dog, it bit her on the arm causing what the source describes as a severe bite.

    The dog was brought to the veterinarian to be tested for rabies, at which time investigators noticed a stab wound on the dog's back. Family members tell police the mother stabbed the dog with a kitchen knife in order to get it to let go of her. The dog was put down on Friday night.

    Fitchburg fire officials say both victims were taken to local hospitals. The mother sustained serious bites to her arm.

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