• Fitchburg man accused of assaulting toddler


    WORCESTER (AP) - A Fitchburg man charged with giving his girlfriend's 2-year-old son a serious brain injury by throwing him to the floor has been ordered held on $75,000 bail.

    Steven Stuart pleaded not guilty at his arraignment Wednesday in Worcester Superior Court in connection with the alleged assault in August.

    Prosecutors say the 21-year-old Stuart became frustrated with the boy and threw him to the floor. Emergency responders found the boy unresponsive with bruises on his forehead and above his left ear. He was taken to a hospital where doctors determined he had fractured ribs and a serious brain injury.

    Authorities say the child remains under 24-hour care and is not expected to ever fully recover from the brain injury.

    Stuart's lawyer said there's "more to this story than first appeared."

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