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FitBit Force bracelet allegedly causes rash for some


BOSTON ( -- The FitBit Force, a device to help you gauge your fitness level, hit the fitness market last fall and despite the hefty $100 plus price tag, it took off.

"People do love, they love the product," says Kim Reichelt who used the Force bracelet to walk with her dog.

The little wristband tracks how far you walk, how many stairs you climb and how well you sleep.

Reichelt said, "It was really motivating. It really does make you want to get up and move."

But within weeks of donning the Force on her wrist, Reichelt noticed something.

"I woke up one morning with a rash," she said. "Yeah, it was pretty obvious from where it was that it had to be from that."

Instead of just counting calories burned, Reichelt says the Force caused a rash that looked more like a burn.

And Reichelt is not alone. Cathy Spooner from Fairhaven also got a Force to train for an upcoming race.

Spooner said, "I probably had it on a week and a half and then I noticed it and I took it off the next day."

Spooner shared pictures with FOX 25 that show her arm bright red. Seventeen days later, she said it's still not completely healed.

The company does acknowledge a problem but says it's limited. In emails with the company Reichelt says FitBit told her it may have a been a reaction to nickel, a metal in the bracelet.

FitBit sent a statement to FOX 25 Thursday, which read in part:

"A limited percentage of our users have reported skin sensitivities when using the Fitbit Force. We are conducting a thorough investigation of the product and will provide additional information once our investigation is complete."

Reichelt said she does not have a nickel allergy, she doesn't know what caused her skin issue and doesn't think Fitbit does either.

Spooner agrees and says the company should recall the Force.

"I think they should stop selling it and take everything off the market and find out why people are getting these irritations," Spooner said.