• Fisherman in kayak has close encounter with shark


    (MyFoxBoston.com) – Extreme kayak fisherman Isaac Brumaghim was in waters off the coast of Hawaii on Sunday when a 400 to 500 pound tiger shark came toward his kayak.

    According to Hawaii News Now, Brumaghim is part of a group called Aqua Hunters and is fishing in an eight-month tournament. He explained the shark was following a fish that he was reeling in.

    Brumaghim stayed out and caught two more fish after the shark sighting.  A camera on the front of the kayak captured the shark leaping out of the water, stunning the fisherman.

    "It definitely was an adrenaline rush for me out there," said Brumaghim. "Life and death right in front of you. It put some things into perspective."

    Read more: Hawaii News Now

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