• Family searching for items stolen from Peabody girl's grave


    PEABODY, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A little girl's Peabody grave was robbed, now her family wants the items back.

    The site belongs to Stephanie Schieding at the Oak Grove Cemetery on Pine Street. She died from a rare form of kidney cancer in 2004 at just 10 years old. Her mom, Annmarie, says Stephanie loved angels, so dozens decorated her grave. When she went to visit her daughter there, the angels brought her comfort.

    "Angels have wings, they're like kisses that I can't give to her, the angels can take them to her," Annmarie said.

    But late last week, Annmarie went to the cemetery and noticed the figurines were gone. The cemetery caretaker assured her they were not moved by staff. Police are calling it theft and so is Annmarie.

    "They were purposely placed in her grave for her to show our love, that we love her, that we loved, her and they had no right to take them," she said.

    For Annmarie, the grave is the only place she can still be a mom to the daughter she lost. And without the figurines there, that's much harder to do.

    "This was my way of still taking care of her taking care of her garden making sure there were pretty flowers here her angels were all nice," she said.

    Some people have donated a few new angel figurines to replace the stolen ones, but Annmarie and police are still searching for the original figurines, and whoever stole them.

    If you have any information about the missing figurines, call Peabody Police at (978) 531-1226.

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