• Ex-Salvadoran military colonel's sentencing begins


    BOSTON (AP) - A judge weighing the punishment for a former El Salvador military leader who pleaded guilty to immigration charges is hearing testimony over allegations he was involved in war crimes before he came to the United States.

    A federal judge in Boston heard testimony Thursday while considering the sentence for Inocente Orlando Montano.

    Stanford University professor Terry Lynn Karl testified about her report claiming Montano's troops were involved in dozens of killings and tortured hundreds more.

    Prosecutors claim Montano came to the U.S. partly to avoid possible prosecution for his alleged involvement in a meeting that led to the 1989 slayings of eight people, including six priests.

    Montano denies involvement but was indicted in Spain in 2011 in connection with what's called the Jesuit massacre.

    Testimony is scheduled to continue Monday.

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