• EXCLUSIVE: New accusations against disgraced pol Marzilli


    ARLINGTON (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) His fall from grace was shocking, and now there are new accusations of bizarre behavior against former Arlington state Sen. James Marzilli.

    Marzilli, now living in Watertown, is accused of standing at his doorway wearing nothing but a dress shirt and looking on as a female neighbor raked leaves, according to a Watertown police report of the Oct. 26 incident

    The neighbor told police that he was standing there for at least ten minutes, making eye contact with her. She finally called police when she "observed him place his hand on his bare thigh" and she became "afraid that "he was going to touch his genitals," according to the report.

    Marzilli told police he was wearing a pair of black shorts under his dress shirt, but the neighbor later saw the shorts Marzilli claimed to be wearing and insisted they weren't on him when this all happened.

    When FOX Undercover's Mike Beaudet stopped by Marzilli's apartment, he turned out the light and refused to talk.

    "We just wanted to talk to you about the incident with your neighbor. Just want to get your side of the story, sir. I can hear you in there," Beaudet said.

    Marzilli's career as an Arlington lawmaker came to a crashing end after he accosted four different women in Lowell in a strange, sexual manner.

    He was sentenced to three months in jail after pleading guilty last year to various charges.

    The Watertown police said in a statement that Marzilli will not be charged for the latest incident.

    The Middlesex District Attorney's office has referred the information to the Probation Department. Marzilli is still on probation after last year's sentencing.

    At the time of his sentencing, his attorney said he was suffering from mental problems.

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