• Exclusive: Major new development in Winchester woman's murder


    WINCHESTER, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A murder in a Mass. town that made national headlines is receiving a fresh look from state police investigators.

    Susann Wyler's brutal murder shocked the town of Winchester. The 59-year-old's body was discovered by her son in the breezeway between her house and garage. Susan suffered massive injuries to her head.

    Ten years have come and gone without an arrest, but this high profile case was never closed.

    FOX 25's Bob Ward has learned investigators are back on the Wyler investigation. They are pouring over details, determined to get to the bottom of what really happened to her.

    The relationship between Wyler and her husband, Geoffrey, is expected to get renewed scrutiny.

    At the time of the murder, Wyler and her husband were separated in what was shaping up to be a bitter divorce. Both had taken out restraining orders against each other. FOX 25 reported Susann Wyler feared her

    husband and said in court documents that her husband had threatened her, reportedly saying, "If you ever divorce me, I'll kill you. I'll kill your mother. If I don't do it, I'll hire someone to do it."

    Geoffrey denied that threat and allegations of abuse. In other documents, Geoffrey revealed he filed a lawsuit against his son Gregory for reportedly freezing him out of a corporation he claimed he started.

    "Susann would work with Gregory to ruin my reputation," Geoffrey said. "Ruin my business, get my license to practice law taken away."

    All of this family fighting is not only resurfacing, it's getting new scrutiny. When cases like this are re-opened, it means detectives are looking at everything again. That includes the forensics in the house and evidence recovered from the body. They are looking at Susann Wyler's final moments that day in Oct. 2002. Ward is told detectives are trying to interview every witness they can find again.

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