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Ex-Boston firefighter facing heroin charge in rehab


BOSTON (AP) - The attorney for a former Boston firefighter charged with buying heroin on duty says his client is now in drug treatment.

Stephen Hogan was scheduled for arraignment Thursday in Roxbury District Court on a charge of heroin possession. His lawyer, Liam Scully, asked for a postponement. The judge found Hogan in default, but said he won't issue an arrest warrant before Hogan's next court date of March 8.

Police say they arrested the 24-year-old Hogan Tuesday after following him from a firehouse to a local pharmacy, where they saw him get in a vehicle with two other people. The vehicle later dropped him off at the firehouse. Police said Hogan had a bag of heroin. Investigators said he first told them he was selling the heroin, but later said he was a user.

Hogan resigned Wednesday.