• Everett school officials discuss punishment for 'Naumannator'


    EVERETT (MyFoxBoston.com) - School officials in Everett met Monday night to discuss the fate of the high school's new principal who came under fire after showing a controversial video to the student body during morning announcements last week.

    The video, which was also posted on YouTube, depicts Everett High School's new principal as ‘The Nuamannator." It contains footage of Principal Erick Naumann edited into a scene from the 1991 film "Terminator 2: Judgement Day."

    In the scene from the film, Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator character rescues Linda Hamilton's character from a facility where she is being held. She initially believes he is sent to the facility to kill her.

    The video shown to students replaces Schwarzeneggar with Nuamann clad in a leather jacket and wearing sunglasses running into Hamilton's character.

    The scene is followed by video of a burning swing set with the narration, "Everett Public Schools would never be the same."

    Moments later another teacher is seen walking the halls looking into empty classrooms when he runs into Naumann. The teacher asks Nuamann where all the students are and he replies, "They've been ‘Naumannated.'"

    The video ends with a shot of the Terminator's steel skeleton in flames and the narrator saying, "We are all doomed."

    In the video's description, the user that posted the video says, "In light of the Sandy Hook tragedy, this is very disturbing to watch the burning swing set, flames, empty classrooms with missing children."

    Everett's Superintendent Frederick Foresteire said he thought the video was inappropriate and said Naumann could face suspension.

    "Messages in that video were kind of disturbing," Foresteire said. "A woman terrorized in the hallway. They showed four empty classrooms. Where have all the students gone?"

    The superintendent says the principal told him his intention was to get students' attention and that Naumann has no history of discipline.

    Parents and students also waited over an hour to speak at Monday's closed door executive session, and despite the controversial nature of the video, many showed up in support of Naumann and the technology teacher who produced the video. They urged the committee to go easy on Naumann.

    Only a small minority of the parents at the meeting felt the video was too violent and distasteful.

    Naumann was also given a chance to defend himself.

    "It's a lesson for everyone. Everyone makes mistakes. I'm glad to see the support, and I hope we can move forward from this as a city and town. I think it's great," Naumann said.

    The school's vice principal also spoke on Naumann's behalf.

    "We have work to do and as God as my witness, he is the guy for the job."

    School officials told Fox 25 that the principal and teacher who appeared in the video were not at the school Monday.

    Naumann previously served as the head of The Parlin School in Everett. He took over for retiring Principal Louis Baldi in December.

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