• English bulldogs chase bear up a tree in NH


    BOW, N.H. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- It's the ultimate underdog story; two English bulldogs were involved in an altercation with a bear in Bow, N.H.

    English bulldogs, two-year-old Comma, because her tail is shaped like a comma, and 6-year-old Lola aren't professional guard dogs, according to their owners. In fact, they're more like professional sleepers.

    “These are dogs that walk to the mailbox and need a week's nap,” owner Kelly Hebert said.

    Especially the older and tamer one, Lola, but last week, when the Hebert family's motion sensor camera captured the huge black bear they've named Brutus wander out of the forest behind their home to feast his sights on a dinner of bird seed it set off a level of protectiveness in the pooches.

    “They took on a 600 pound bear that's almost twice the weight of them put together,” Harrison Hebert said.

    Lola and Comma had been fenced in on the porch, so they made a run for it snapping two spindles to break free. They charged onto their front lawn to confront the bear, two on one!

    “The dogs and bear were both curious about what each other were and it was unfortunately Lola who kinda got a little intolerant and kinda said ‘get outta here,’” Kelly explained. “What I was thinking when I was running over was there was going to be a pretty bad scene.”

    But, Brutus the bear backed away from the dogs and ran. The two brave and bold bulldogs chased the bear, refusing to back down until the bear ran up a tree.

    “If I was a betting person I wouldn't have bet on the dogs,” Kelly said.

    The family posted a video of the altercation on YouTube, and it went viral.

    “Yesterday, I woke up there were 300 views and I was like oh good my mom saw it 300 times and then they're like you had a million views in less than seven hours,” Kelly said.

    Still the family's message isn't one of triumph, but of total humility and deference to our wildlife neighbors.

    The Hebert’s have now taken their hanging bird feeder down so they don't have to worry about any kind of rematch and they say they've learned their lesson. While they're happy people are getting a good chuckle out of watching the video, and that their son Harrison had something to talk about in school, they don't support anyone trying to intentionally lure a bear into any sort of confrontational situation.

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