• Emails emerge between state lab chemist, prosecutor


    New emails have emerged detailing the relationship between a state drug lab chemist and a prosecutor.

    Former drug lab chemist Annie Dookhan has been charged with 27 counts of altering drug evidence and obstructing justice. Her work affects tens of thousands of cases and convictions and is costing the state millions of dollars.

    Emails obtained by the Boston Globe suggest Dookhan may have had curried the favor of prosecutors who depended on her to measure drug samples.

    In one email exchange in May 2010 former prosecutor George Papachristos wrote Dookhan telling her he needed a marijuana sample to weigh at least 50 pounds so he could levy a charge of drug trafficking.

    "Any help would be greatly appreciated," the Globe reported Papachristos wrote.

    The paper reported that Dookhan responded two hours later: "Ok, definitely trafficking. Over 80 pounds."

    The Globe wrote that it was possible Papachristos was seeking clarification and not asking Dookhan to tip the scales.

    Papachristos resigned his position earlier in the year when the Globe revealed flirtatious emails between he and Dookhan.

    In late 2009, Dookhan reportedly told Papachristos about trouble in her marriage.

    "I just want someone to love me and make me laugh and smile," the Globe reported Dookhan wrote.

    Papachristos' lawyer said in a statement to Fox 25 that his client has done nothing wrong. Attorneys say Papachristos has fully cooperated with authorities and has been cleared.

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