• Elizabeth Warren stonewalling


    BROOKLINE (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) – Elizabeth Warren is stonewalling questions about whether or not she is a member of a minority group.

    Warren says she learned she is part Cherokee from 'family lore.' She has also come under fire for a minority listing in a law school directory, and for two schools, Harvard Law and the University of Pennsylvania touting her as a minority hire.

    At an appearance in Brookline, her first in more than a week, Warren would not answer questions about the issue. She has not produced any documents to show for it, and critics say she should show some proof.

    "We believe that Ms. Warren just needs to come clean and admit that she has no evidence," Twila Barnes, a Cherokee genealogist and historian told FOX 25.

    A new Suffolk University poll shows the Cherokee issue has not hurt Warren in the polls.  She's in a dead heat with Senator Scott Brown.

    Brown spokesman Colin Reed released a statement on Thursday, reading, "In the absence of any facts, Elizabeth Warren continues to claim she is a Native American minority. She needs to stop stonewalling and finally produce the records from the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard that will show whether or not she or these schools benefited in any way from this false information about her ancestry."

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