• Elementary schools in Maine town banning birthday sweets


    Gorham, M.E. (MyFoxPhilly) -- Some sweet birthday treats are causing a stir in Maine.

    Three elementary schools in Gorham, Maine are encouraging students to eat fewer sweets by banning cupcakes for birthday celebrations in classrooms.

    School officials then took it further by banning all food that would be shared with students.

    The rule is leaving a sour taste in some parents' mouths. A few started a campaign to let parents have a say in the matter.

    "They're not just teaching our children about food. They are policing them on food," said one parent, Melissa Spicer.

    "My kindergartner, she's watched her brother and sister bring cupcakes in for birthdays year after year, and now here she is and she doesn't get to do that," said parent, Jamie Douglass.

    The school's principal says they are looking to create a healthier eating environment in the school.

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