• Election officials go over 66 provisional ballots in Lawrence mayoral race


    LAWRENCE, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) – The Lawrence Board of Registrars was working to determine the validity of 66 provisional ballots that have yet to be counted in the Lawrence mayoral election.

    Unofficially, challenger Daniel Rivera won the race against incumbent mayor William Lantigua by just 60 votes.

    Rivera hasn't been officially declared the winner because of the outstanding ballots filled out by voters who said they had registered to vote but weren't on the city's official rolls.

    On Friday, officials tallied 11 of those ballots for Lantigua and eight for Rivera, bringing the difference down to 57 with 47 left to be counted.

    Rivera, who has been watching the process, considers himself the mayor-elect.

    "We are celebrating not because we won, but because we get an opportunity to bring our city together," said Rivera. "This has never been about removing someone, or getting a job, this is about how we can make this community better."

    Lantigua was unavailable Friday. Still, he has not conceded the race and said he has no plans to concede until the validation process is over and he has a better idea where he stands.

    Sal Tabit, Lantigua's attorney, said, "The lock is in 10 days. So we anticipate taking the full amount of time to determine if it's the right thing for him, if it's the right thing for the city and the right thing for the voters that came out to vote for both campaigns."

    The election will be officially certified on Nov. 15. Lantigua has until then to demand a recount.

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