• Ed Davis reflects on his career during last day as BPD commissioner


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Outgoing Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis joined the FOX 25 Morning News on his last day with the force to discuss his career, legacy, and share a farewell message to the city's residents.

    Davis told FOX 25's Gene Lavanchy the thing he will miss most about being commissioner is his colleagues in the police department.

    "I'm going to miss the people, I really am," said the commissioner. "There's been a great team that I've worked with at the Boston Police Department for seven years now and they've been in the middle of some of the most complex, difficult decisions that have to be made in our society today and I'm really going to miss working with them."

    The commissioner said he planned to walk around Boston Police headquarters to say goodbye to his colleagues after attending a meeting with Mayor Tom Menino Friday morning. Menino is also leaving office in 2014 after choosing not to seek re-election.

    Davis did not stay on an extra day to assist in Saturday's rolling rally for the World Series Champion Boston Red Sox. He said Superintendent in Chief Dan Linskey was responsible for the police force's parade planning. He did not know who would be taking over in the interim, saying that decision is certainly left up to Mayor Menino. However, he noted that he would stress the qualifications of internal candidates.

    "I think though, that the decision between inside and outside, there's very good people inside this organization and I'd stress that," said Davis.

    After seven years as commissioner, Davis said it was the right time both personally and politically for him to step down. He said it should be left to the next mayor to choose their commissioner. Davis added that he felt seven years in a particular job is a limit for him.

    Davis won't comment on what he feels is the legacy he leaves behind, saying he'll leave that to others to decide.

    "That's a big issue, legacy," Davis said. "I'm very proud of the crime reductions that we've had. We've had seven straight years of crime reductions in the city. The city is a better place right now because of the hard work of the men and women of the Boston Police Department and that's probably the biggest issue."

    In the days following the Boston Marathon bombings, Davis was thrust into the national spotlight. Lavanchy asked him if he considers the department's investigation and the captures of the Tsarnaev brothers his finest hour. He said he doesn't know if he would call it his finest hour because there was such tragedy in the probe.

    "There is no question that is the biggest case I've ever worked on, the most unprecedented tragedy and the fact that we were able to round these guys up quickly, I'm very proud of that," Davis explained.

    The outgoing commissioner said he wouldn't rule out another position in law enforcement, but that if he did take up another role in the field it would not be in New England. He noted that he really wants to stay in Boston so he isn't looking into such positions at the moment.

    Davis finished the interview by sharing a farewell message to the residents of Boston.

    "Thank you, sincerely. I've just had an incredible experience here and I've learned a lot and I'll never forget this," Davis said.

    Commissioner Davis will be teaching a course at Harvard University in January. He plans to go over a couple of other job offers over the next few months and told FOX 25 we haven't heard the last of him.

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