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Earthquake in southern Maine felt as far as Conn.


(FOX 25 / – A magnitude 4.0 earthquake occurred 20 miles west of Portland, Maine around 7:15 p.m. on Tuesday.

Originally reported as a magnitude 4.6 shortly after it hit, the temblor was downgraded to a 4.0 late Tuesday evening.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the epicenter of the quake was about three miles west of Hollis Center, Maine, and about three miles deep.

The quake was also felt in Vermont, New Hampshire and eastern Massachusetts and as far south as Rhode Island and Connecticut.

FOX 25 viewers from all over eastern Massachusetts well as Rhode Island and New Hampshire called the newsroom Tuesday night to report they had felt rumbles from the quake.

"It was a real low rumble and a little bit of shaking," said John Parker, of Rollinsford, N.H. "I didn't connect it with a possible earthquake."

Other viewers reported that they thought the shaking may have been from a truck or a plane.

Peter Judge, of the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, said he hadn't heard any reports of any serious damage or injuries. Judge said reports of the earthquake had come in from as far away as Connecticut.

"Earthquakes do happen here in New England but this is one of the strongest we've felt in some time," said Fox 25 meteorologist Sarah Wroblewski. "Moderate earthquakes just don't happen as frequently in New England."

Wroblewski said an earthquake east of the Rocky Mountains may be felt over an area ten times larger than a similar magnitude quake on the west coast.

In a statement, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick said, "Many Massachusetts residents felt the effects of an earthquake tonight. According to MEMA, which is monitoring events and has briefed me, the quake was centered some 30 miles outside of Portland, Maine. So far, we have no reports of injury or damage in Massachusetts. MEMA will continue to monitor the situation closely. Residents should use caution if they encounter any damage and take a minute to check in on neighbors, family and friends."

The last known earthquake this size occurred in Bar Harbor, Maine in 2006. It was a 4.2 magnitude.

There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries.

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