• Duxbury police help student with promposal


    DUXBURY, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Duxbury High School is holding a contest for students who can give the most creative proposal to prom, and one senior decided to get the police involved.

    He popped the question to a friend that he’s currently not dating. At about 7 p.m. Wednesday, police pulled over a girl, and she had no idea why.

    “I saw the lights go off, and I just started freaking out, I was like oh my gosh, oh my gosh,” she said.

    Duxbury senior Charlie Murphy needed a date to the prom, but didn't want to ask the traditional way.

    “I decided to go out of my way and ask the police for a little bit of help,” Charlie said.

    Duxbury Police Sergeant Dennis Symmonds agreed to assist.

    “I was just hoping she would say yes,” he said.

    Senior Megan Zaverucha was heading to a friend’s house or so she thought.

    “So I decided I’d pull her over and scare her really badly,” Charlie said.

    They followed Megan in the squad car and Charlie was wearing a police jacket to blend in. When they pulled Megan over, she wondered why.

    “I wanted to ask him why I was getting pulled over, because I was going the speed limit and using my blinkers,” Megan said.

    “I asked Meg for her license and registration, and I advised her that she crossed the center line and that she had a headlight out and I asked her to step out of the car, to the rear of the car,” Sergeant Symmonds said.

    That’s when temporary Officer Charlie stepped in and asked her to prom.

    “I was a little nervous so I kind of just went out of my way and asked right away instead of playing the role of a cop,” he said.

    “Well I didn’t hear him ask me to go to prom, so then the cop was like ‘what are you going to say’ and I was like oh well he didn’t ask, and he was like ‘yeah I did.’” Megan said.

    She said “yes” and Charlie now has a date. This case is closed.

    “I had no idea, I was completely shocked,” Megan said.

    So if they win the proposal contest they get two free tickets to prom, and they feel like they have a pretty good shot.

    Sergeant Symmonds hopes they will be the next prom king and queen.

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