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Drug lab scandal forcing Boston police to beef up security


BOSTON (FOX 25 / - Boston officials have a warning about drug suspects who could soon get their walking papers because of the mess at a state drug lab.

City leaders said flat out that they are worried about a large number of inmates once convicted of drug related crimes being released from correctional facilities. Many of them have violent criminal pasts.

They also announced a re-entry plan for those inmates - a plan that's two-fold to prep the inmates for their release and keep the city safe.

At least 20 inmates are already out of jail or have had their bail reduced because of the scandal, but there are many more to come.
Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino says putting more officers on the streets could cost the city $3.5 million. He's requesting funds from the federal government and the state.

Annie Dookhan, the chemist in the middle of the scandal, is currently out on bail after pleading not guilty to all charges.


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