• Driver busted trying to drive through HOV lane with mannequin head

    QUINCY, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- It seems like an elaborate scheme to speed up a commute, but Massachusetts State Police say that one driver tried to get out of sitting in traffic Thursday morning by driving through the HOV lane with a fake passenger.

    The High Occupancy Vehicle lane is used on I-93 during the morning and evening commute times for any vehicle that has more than one passenger inside, which is designed to alleviate traffic and encourage carpooling.

    But at around 6:35 a.m., a state trooper noticed a driver enter the HOV lane with what appeared to be a fake passenger. After pulling the car over, the trooper found that the driver had propped a mannequin head on top of a work jacket to create the illusion that there was a passenger in the vehicle.

    The driver received a citation for operating on an excluded way.

    The same trooper who stopped Thursday's driver also stopped a woman in April 2013 for driving with a fake passenger. She was driving in the HOV lane with a full-sized doll in the passenger seat. She was also cited.

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