• Dozens of dead fish in NH park's pond


    CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Dozens of dead fish have been found floating at the pond at a park in Concord, N.H., and officials are trying to figure out why.

    Officials said several dead goldfish were found floating on White Park pond last week. Several days later, more fish turned up at the popular park.

    WMUR-TV reports the city's Parks and Recreation Department called the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department and the Department of Environmental Services for advice.

    The Fish and Game Department thought the fish were suffering from low oxygen. It recommended that park officials run the fountain in the pond a little longer to increase oxygen levels, said David Gill, director of the Concord Parks and Recreation Department.

    Gill said the fountain has been running 18 hours a day, but it hasn't helped.

    "This morning, we came in and we found about 90 goldfish," he said Tuesday. "We picked them up and we called Department of Environmental Services. They came in, tested the water, (and) there's nothing abnormal with the water quality, so we're back to square one."

    The DES said the water quality was good and there was no sign of an algae bloom.

    The state plans another round of testing to see if the oxygen levels drop off when the fountain is turned off several hours overnight.

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