• Dog reunited with family after traveling 50 miles


    BILLERICA, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A Saugus dog made it back to his family after traveling 50 miles away from them on foot, or paw.

    The dog, a beagle named Silver, has been part of the Ventuouris family since getting him in January when he was just two months old.

    But the family lost him for two days earlier this week, and was worried they might never see him again,

    Emilios and Regiane Ventuouris were traveling on Route 3 in Hingham Monday when they stopped for a minute to let Silver, the very energetic dog, stretch his legs. Their 9-month-old beagle took advantage of the car door opening and ran into a wooded area. The couple looked for Silver for several hours without any luck.

    Over the next two days, Regiane continued the search, going to Animal hospitals, calling state police for their help and more to get her four-legged friend back.

    Silver apparently ran 49 miles along Route 3 and made it safely to Billerica where he got picked up by a stranger, and brought to the animal control department there. The animal control officer there posted a picture of Silver on Twitter, but didn't get any responses. She then shared the dog's picture on the Granite State Dog Recovery's Facebook page, where Regiane saw the post and knew immediately.

    "It's Silver! And I started crying and screaming at the same time and calling the kids to 'See, come to see, it's Silver,'" she said.

    Silver was reunited with family a few hours later after traveling the nearly 50 miles from Hingham to Billerica.

    "We lost him for two days," Emilios said. "So happy to see him."  

    Regiane was ecstatic to have her dog back, but we hear that Silver expressed the most joy during the reunion.

    "When I saw him, I had no words, we just ran to him," she said.

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